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IEA ~ T.H.E. Team
iea-circle-logo What is the IEA?    Interscholastic Equestrian Association 

No need to own a horse to participate!

How does the IEA work?

Classes are offered in four ability levels: Beginner, Novice, Intermediate and Open.  Ability level is determined by previous riding experience and is at the coach's discretion.

Riders in grades 6-8 are eligible for Middle School Teams while riders in grade 9-12 compete at the High School level.

Team Practices will be conducted on True Heart School Horses.  

Points are tracked for individual rider accomplishments AND for overall, team accomplishments.  Individuals and teams earn points to qualify for Regional, Zone and National Finals.

Riders will be eligible to participate in flat and over-fences equitation classes, depending on ability level.  Show mounts are drawn at random the day of competition.   Points are accumulated when a rider wins a ribbon in their class:
          1st place: 7 points     2nd place: 5 points     3rd place: 4 points     4th place: 3 points     5th place: 2 points     6th place: 1 point

Teams take turns hosting horse shows throughout the season. 

The competition season starts September 1st and ends at the National Finals in late spring / early summer.

The use of personal tack is not allowed and limited schooling is permitted. This equalizes competition variables and tests the horsemanship of the contestants.

                                                    For More Information on the Organization:

The True Heart IEA Team is about more than just competition.  In addition to preparing you for the show ring, we focus on learning respectful horsemanship, improving everyone's riding ability, setting goals and working with teammates.  The IEA is a fantastic way to turn the largely individual sport of horseback riding into a fun and rewarding team environment.  Although winning, whether as a team or individual, is a goal of the program, our ultimate goal is to improve as riders!

The IEA follows a similar format to the IHSA, or Intercollegiate Horse Show Association, and serves as a great stepping-stone and learning experience for riders who plan on competing in college.

IEA also allows for High School riders to earn a school VARSITY letter in Equestrian.  Also, Scholarships are available. 

                                    2017 -2018 Registration ~ June 2017 ~ Welcoming New Team Members
                                                                                       Call (908) 337 - 3991   Or email Torri
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