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Summer Registration

True Heart Stables
         IEA Summer Boot Camp Registration Form


Parent's Name:
Phone Number:
Parent Cell Numbers:
Email Address:
Age of Rider:
Grade Entering in the Fall:
Riding Experience ~ How many years?:
  Can you Posting Trot?
  Can you Canter?
  Can you Jump?
If yes to jumping, how high?:
  Have you ever ridden before?

Week 1 ~ July 17 - July 21
  Week 2~ July 24 - July 28
  Week 3 ~ July 31 - August 4

              Week 4  ~  August 14 - August 18
  Will you be bringing your own horse?
How did you hear about our IEA Summer Program?:
Any Known Allergies?:
Any special instructions regarding your child?:

*Riders bringing their own horses*
There is an additional boarding fee of $300 per week.

**Must Present Negative Coggins Test**

Cost of Program:  $450 per week  or  $800 for 2 weeks  or $1200 for 3 weeks

Hours of Program :  9:30am - 3:00pm

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