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About Torri      
                 Certified by the United States Hunter Jumper Association      

"Work hard, appreciate, and keep your heart pure and true....  True to them and True to yourself."  

I have 35+ years in the horse industry.  I am honest, dedicated and goal oriented.  My extensive education exposed me to some of the industry's most accomplished and respected professionals in the business.  It is through that education that my career accomplishments include multiple State Awards in Hunters, Jumpers and Equitation.  I've competed on the National Level including multiple years at Madison Square Garden.  It is on that national level, out of a field in the hundreds, that twice I was awarded top ten status.

My years of experience filled me with a knowledge which I'm inspired to share.  Teaching is my passion.

Throughout a 25 year period:

  • I was responsible for a large equine facility which  
    housed 60+ horses.
  • Operated a successful riding school:  Beginners thru Advanced:  Children and Adults.
  • Aided in the running of 40+ horse shows per year ranging from schooling level to A2. 
  • Responsible for matching 30+ riders and their new horses. 
  • Developed and Created an exciting summer program for over 20 years.
  • Dedicated to my continued work with college teams, sharpening their strengths and giving them that competitive edge.

"I believe in the love of the animal and teaching my students to be 'natural' riders.   I believe in having faith that everything will all work out.....because it always does!   I believe that horses are a gift and our ability to ride them too is a gift."

                                      IEA Team  


Torri on Pocount at Madison Square Garden




Torri Siegel Dragos,
True Heart Stables Owner and Operator 



Torri with Snowbird - Welsh Pleasure Driving Champion

 Torri aboard Joshua at the U.S.E.T  Equitation Finals  in Gladstone, NJ

     Large Pony Hunter Champion Playmate   

 Good Decision - All Around Champion - Equitation, Jumpers, Childrens Hunter and Large Pony Hunter


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